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Setting up a replacement terminal model - Move 3500

Before you send back your defective unit, conduct a reconciliation, if possible. This must be done to ensure that all transactions are transferred for payment. Note that tuning a terminal may result in tuning other terminals at the same location.

To make sure your payment terminal is set up correctly, follow the steps below.

1. Press [MENU]. 2. Press [6] or use the arrow keys to scroll to Reconciliation. 3. Press the green [OK] key. Wait a few seconds for the reconciliation process to complete. 4. A reconciliation receipt is printed showing the number of transactions per card type and amount. If the terminal is integrated, a reconciliation receipt is printed out via the cash register. NOTE: If reconciliation is not possible, check this on the delivery note and Nets will ensure it is done. 5. Now turn off the power at the defective terminal. 6. Remove the SIM card from the back of the defective terminal and insert it into the new terminal. 7. Swap the cables from the defective terminal to the new terminal, and place the new terminal inside the base station. 8. Switch on the power to the terminal. 9. Wait for the terminal to boot up. 10. Connect the terminal to the internet. 11. Restart the new terminal by pressing the yellow [CLEAR] key at the same time as the dot/comma key for approx. 3 seconds. Then conduct a reconciliation on the new terminal. 12. Press [MENU]. 13. Press [6] or use the arrow keys to scroll to Reconciliation 14. Press the green [OK] button 15. Make a test purchase: a) Press [MENU] and select "1 Purchase" b) Insert the purchase amount and confirm by pressing the green [OK] key. c) Present the bank card for contactless payment. d) Press green [OK] key to produce the sales receipt. NOTE: The terminal also allows receipts to be printed automatically, with no pressing of the [OK] key required. e) The new terminal is now ready to receive payments.