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Cancel payment on terminal

For Viking- terminals

To cancel the latest payment on the terminal, you will need your merchant card.

Please do the following:

  • Press [MENU]
  • Press [3]
  • Press [6]
  • Swip merchant card
  • Press [OK]

For OnePA- terminals

To cancel your latest payment, please do following:

  • Press[*]
  • Press [3]
  • Press[OK]
  • Press[1] or [OK]

Please verify that the amount, time and the card-number is correct before you cancel the transaktion. Press ok to cancel the payment.

For Castles Npay- terminals

To cancel a payment on the terminal, please follow the steps below:

  • Press Menu
  • Press 1 cancel payment
  • Confirm if you want to cancel the latest payment
  • Press OK if you want to cancel the payment
  • Terminal prints a copy to the merchant. Press OK if you want a copy for the cardholder.