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Payment terminals

Where do I get a Merchant code for my terminal

Published: 30.11.2023
Updated: 04.04.2024

You can find your Merchant Code by logging into the self-service portal MyNets and following the guide below:

  • Login to MyNets

  • Press Sales Location in the menu on the left.

  • Choose the merchant ID/sales location you need the Merchant Code for.

The Merchant Code for the terminal is now displayed as shown below:

For online support regarding this subject change the flag at the bottom of the page to the country where you have your agreement.

For personal service in English please contact our customer service department in the country where you have your agreement:

  • Denmark +45 44 89 24 80

  • Norway +47 915 08989

  • Sweden +46 8 609 92 00

  • Finland +358 10 80 40 40