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Terminal declines transactions - error codes and display errors

Our terminals show the possible errorcodes on the receipt. Check the picture below.

RESP 05:

The '05' error indicates that the customer’s card issuer has declined the transaction because of an unspecific reason. However, it does generally indicate a card error rather than an error with your payment module. The customer should try another payment card.

RESP 87:

More than seven days have passed since the last end of day and you must do a end of day on the terminal before it can be used.


The code 'F5' usually appears due to a terminal setup error. This needs to be fixed by our technical support.


The code Z3 or Y3 appears when the terminal is unable to go online. Please restart the terminal by holding down the CLEAR (yellow) and the full stop/comma button simultaneously.

Alert irruption/Unauthorized/Tamper detected/Klar for skiffing error on display:

All of these errors means that the terminals internal protection sensors have triggered and the terminal no longer can accept transactions.

Your terminal will need to be replaced. Please contact Customer Support, they will gladly assist you.

Out of order error:

Usually this means that the terminal has been closed on our system or the contract on the terminal has ended. Please contact our terminal technical support, they are happy to assist you.

No contact to HOST:

This error usually means the terminal cannot establish contact with the network. Often a normal restart of the terminal helps. It is also recommended to reboot your network router/modem at the same time.