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Order stickers and card logos

As a customer, business partner or press, you are welcome to use the logos below, e.g. for use on the website and in web shops.

It is also important to let your customers know the different type of cards that your store accepts. The recommendation is to stick the logos at the front door and at the counter.

Ordering stickers

If you need stickers with logos for the entrance (door/window), you can contact our customer service.

For online support regarding this, change the flag at the bottom of this page to the country where you have your agreement. You will be provided with the country specific links. For personal service in English please contact our customer service department in the country where you have your agreement:

  • Denmark +45 44 89 24 80
  • Norway +47 915 08989
  • Sweden +46 8 609 92 00
  • Finland +358 010 80 40 40

General guidelines for using the card logos

  • It is not allowed to change the color and shape of the logos - only the size of the logos can be changed. However, it is permitted to use the logos in black and white.
  • It is not permitted to add or remove graphic elements to the individual logo.
  • If you use more than one logo, you must display them proportionally in the same size.
  • You can get more information about the use of the various card logos on the card companies' websites.

Card logo bar

Print format (EPS):

Logo bar (EPS-file)

Logo bar for use on dark or colored background (EPS-file)

For online and digital use:

Logo bar (JPG-file)

Logo bar for use on dark/colored background (PNG-file)

Visa, Visa Electron, VPAY & Verified by Visa:

Download Visa logos from Visa's Brand Guidelines.

Mastercard, Maestro & Mastercard SecureCode :

Download Mastercard logos from Mastercard's Brand Center


Order stickers and Dankort materials

Download Dankort logos

Discover and Diners Club:

Download Discover and Diners Club logos

JCB, Union Pay, American Express & Contact less logos:





American Express.eps

American Express.png