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Offline transactions

To receive offline payments, you need to do the following depending on your terminal type. If you are not sure which type of terminal you have, you can see how to identify your terminal here.

Check card and cardholder before receiving offline payment

When making offline payments, you should check that the customer's photo ID matches the information on the card. Remember to also check that the signature on the receipt matches the signature on the card.

Always verify cards by phone receiving offline payments

Before receiving payments offline, always call our automatic balance check at +45 44 89 21 80 and make sure the card is not blocked. Here you will receive an authorization code if the transaction is approved. The authorization code must be entered at the terminal. If you do not call and have the transaction approved, your payment guarantee will be canceled.

Offline transactions on PSAM terminal:

  1. Press the terminal's F4 key
  2. Use the terminal navigation keys to highlight "Offline"
  3. Press "OK"

Offline transactions at Viking terminal:

  1. Press "Menu"
  2. Load the merchant card
  3. Press 8
  4. Press 2 to highlight "Offline"
  5. Press "OK"

For local support regarding this subject change the flag at the bottom of the page to the country where you have your agreement.

For personal service in English please contact our customer service department in the country where you have your agreement:

  • Denmark +45 44 89 24 80
  • Norway + 47 915 08 989
  • Sweden +46 8 609 92 00
  • Finland +358 10 80 40 40