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Legal & Compliance

Maximum service fees

Published: 27.11.2023
Updated: 05.04.2024

It follows from Section 2 of executive order 1364 of 1 December 2017 on publication of maximum fees for payees in physical commerce, that Nets is obliged to publish the maximum fees for payees associated with the completion of a payment transaction using payment instruments .

 Thus, fees listed on this page are maximum fees and therefore do not necessarily reflect the actual fees charged and therefore such maximum fees cannot be used to compare prices with other acquirers.” *Only for Danish merchants and in-store transactions.

Maximum service fees for in-store transactions

Below are listed the maximum service fees for in-store transactions for merchants in Denmark.

Visa and Mastercard issued in Denmark

  • Visa debit card (consumer): 2.29 %

  • Visa debit card (company): 3.78 %

  • Visa credit card (consumer): 2.78 %

  • Visa credit card (company): 4.27 %

  • Mastercard debit card (consumer): 2,29 %

  • Mastercard debit card (company): 3,78 %

  • Mastercard credit card (consumer): 2,78 %

  • Mastercard credit card (company): 4.27 %

Visa and Mastercard issued outside Denmark 

  • Visa and Mastercard issued outside Denmark: 6,26 %

  • Some Visa and Mastercard transactions cost an additional fee of DKK 0.19 per transaction.

Other cards issued outside Denmark 

  • JCB & UnionPay: 3.85 % 

  • Danish issued American Express: 0.75 %

  • American Express issued outside Denmark: 3.75 %

When we are running campaigns with same price for various card types the price can exceed the above maximum price for some types of transactions. Information about campaigns is available on our website.

Please contact our local customer service for more information about prices or apply for an agreement and get a price quotation.