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How does Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) work?

  1. When the customer taps or inserts their card in the terminal, the terminal will recognize if the card is issued in another country. On the display is shown two choices. The local currency EUR and customers currency, for example NOK, and the current exchange rate
  2. The customer chooses currency by following the instruction on the display. Personnel can answer questions and explain benefits of using the service, but choice of currency always is done by the customer
  3. When the customer has made their choice, the transaction is approved in the terminal as usual
  4. On the customer receipt, the purchase amount will be shown in both currencies, meaning in both EUR and NOK

Activation of Dynamic Currency conversion

DCC is activated only for transaction requiring PIN-code and is therefore not normally done with contactless transactions or below EUR 50. If the customer wants to pay in their own currency at lower amounts, it is recommended to insert the card instead of using contactless. During 2023, Nets will launch an update which allows all consumers with Visa-cards issued outside of the merchant country to have access to the service for any amounts.